Saturday, March 31, 2012

...Pittsburgh Popcorn Company

Popcorn was my saving grace when I lost weight.

I would treat myself pretty much every night with a bag of 94% fat-free popcorn - and, as was tradition, I would usually OVERpop it in the microwave, causing some...burnage.  The entire house smelled like popcorn, and when I lived at home, my family wasn't too happy with it. 

But I loved it.  I mean, those little burnt pieces toward the end?  Oh, so good!  I think the entire fetish started when Hills was open - I loved Hills, as did many people in the Pittsburgh area - and they sold bags of popcorn at their snack bar.  Big, big bags full of buttery popcorn goodness.  And at the bottom?  Some burnt pieces.

My absolute favorite.  RIP Hills...and your popcorn *tear*.

I've always loved popcorn, burnt or not, and a tradition for my family during our vacations to Ocean City, MD was always to take back some Fisher's Popcorn from the boardwalk.  It was delicious, I'll admit, but after awhile, it was nothing special.

James introduced me to the Pittsburgh Popcorn Company on one of our many Strip District trips.  I knew about it, but never even thought to go there, despite my love of popcorn.

Inside Pittsburgh Popcorn Company
 Now, I'm obsessed.

I went there today on a whim because they had been tweeting all week (and before that, even) about their Peeps Popcorn - yes, popcorn flavored to be like Marshmallow Peeps, just in time for Easter.  Social media worked its magic, because I wanted to have some, for sure. 

Who doesn't love Peeps?  Last year, I even made it an experiment for my ESL students - my uncle had shown me how to "blow them up" in a vacuum canister, so we did that for fun right before Easter break last year.  Some of them had never even tried Peeps, so it was also an excuse for them to try something new (see video below):

When I arrived, the line was to the door - literally.  I squeezed in to keep out of the chilly air, and waited about 20 minutes before being waited on.  The guys working there were super-friendly, but not exactly efficient at moving the line.

Flavor Display (part of it, at least)
 There was no question that I was getting Peeps Popcorn, but I thought about getting another flavor.  Nothing too exotic, but something that other people may enjoy, too (because I certainly do NOT need to be eating flavored popcorn all on my own!)  I also opted for a medium bag of Chunky Chocolate Caramel, and proud of myself for not getting a 3 lb. tin of one flavor (which I had actually considered...)

My popcorn purchases: Chunky Chocolate Caramel and Peeps
 The Peeps Popcorn - ok, I'm not going to lie, tasted like white chocolate popcorn.  I know that it's white chocolate, not marshmallow.  I understand the appeal to the public of calling it "Peeps" right before Easter.  I know its coloring makes it spring-y and festive.  Am I complaining about the taste at all?  NO WAY.  Loved it.  I love white chocolate, and this popcorn was amazing - just don't think that it's going to taste like marshamallows.

Chunky Chocolate Caramel and Peeps
The Chunky Chocolate Caramel Poporn - awesome choice.  Very sweet, but not sickening-sweet.  The greatest thing about this popcorn is that I don't want to keep shoveling handfuls of it in my mouth - it's delicious, but I can only eat so much at at time (therefore, it will last longer, and I won't consume 3000 extra calories in one day).  This is not a downfall - it is the kind of treat that I need!

The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company has a fundraising program (as well as catering and event options - like wedding favors), and I am considering doing one to raise money for my Spain Trip and Spanish Club activities - I think that it would generate great sales, considering how fantastic their product is!  Anybody have any feedback?

When you're in The Strip (or Oakland, or downtown in the Cultural District) and looking for a great gift or special treat - The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company is the place to stop, no doubt.  With a variety of regular flavors, as well as weekly specials, in addition to a variety of bag sizes (small, medium, large), tin sizes (1 gallon, 2 gallons, 3 gallons), and styles (including Steelers and Penguins tins) there's always something to please anyone in your group - and remember, you can always try before you buy!

Pittsburgh Popcorn Company
209 21st Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (Strip District)

822 Liberty Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (Downtown - Cultural District)

3710 5th Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213 (Oakland)


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Friday, March 30, 2012

...Mediterrano [off-topic]

I made new friends this year, thanks to blogging.

One of the best blogging friendships that I have made has been with Food Collage, who started it all with inviting me to check out Aji Picante with her.  The rest is history - we have had many meals together, attended many events, and soon, I get to share in one of the biggest days of her life.

So when she asked me to help her with a project for that day, of course I said yes. It was also a great excuse for us to get together for dinner afterwards in the North Hills, which is normally a foreign land to me (not her).  Another friend, FoodBurgh, had raved about Mediterrano, and I remembered seeing them on Pittsburgh Today Live to promote Pittsburgh Restaurant Week...all signs pointed to Mediterrano as our food destination for the evening.

So we went:

I've become more interested in Greek food the more that I've tried it.  I became enchanted after having a huge Greek platter at Kennywood on Greek Day, then trying many different types of hummus, babaganoush, and tzatziki, from It's Greek to Me in Brookline on our 'Burgh Bits and Bites Food Tour to Pitaland (same tour) to Labad's in the Strip District to Greek Gourmet in Squirrel Hill.  I've always been a fan of gyros, especially the ones from the cart in The Strip to the ones made in the Team Member Clubhouse at Kennywood (by a guy - Tony of Tony's Gyros - who knows what he's doing, not by a kid that I probably taught at some point!)

We were first presented with a basket of hummus and warm pita bread - this is so much better than the traditional basket of bread with butter.  Give me warm pita and hummus, and I'm sure to tear it up, especially if it's yummy - and this was:

Hummus and warm pita
 Our enthusiastic waiter rattled off the specials, which included a sugar-crusted lamb shank.  Food Collage was hesitant to order it, because to her, lamb is hit or miss - good sometimes, terrible others.  The waiter assured her that it was a quality dish, made from lamb from a local PA farm.  She had been swayed and ordered it:

Sugar-crusted Lamb with root vegetables

I also wanted lamb, but I decided to stick with the Arni Souvlaki, "Lamb, skewered with onions and peppers, and grilled, served over rice pilafi", served with more warm pita.  I figured of all of the lamb dishes, this would probably be a healthier choice (if that's possible?):

Arni Souvlaki
I was very satisfied with my choice - I didn't feel super-guilty about eating lamb, and the rice and pita made for light side options (although I know that there had to be some butter lurking in the rice).  Food Collage and I each tried a bit of the others' dish, and it was interesting how different our lamb dishes were.  I definitely liked mine better than hers - wait for her review to get her opinion :-)

Mediterrano was a fantastic choice for dinner that night.  My only side observation is that the parking situation is not fantastic - slanted parking on the side, and to get out, you are slanted the wrong way.  You cannot go around the building to get out, so you have to do a 3-point (or however many points it takes you) turn to get out of the lot, without much room to do so.  I have a small car, so this wasn't too much of an issue, but I can't imagine how people with SUV's fare in the same situation.

The North Hills has quite a gem with Mediterrano in the neighborhood.  I hope that they will participate in Pittsburgh Restaurant Week's summer week, as they did in the winter!

In addition, I hope that Food Collage and I continue to have many awesome meals and food adventures together, as each experience has been enjoyable!

2193 Babcock Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15209


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Monday, March 26, 2012

...Bocktown (Robinson) [off-topic]

Twitter makes me hungry.

Most of the people and businesses that I follow on Twitter are in some way related to food - not surprising, since I write this blog, but there are times when that can prove to be a problem.

Like when I'm hungry.

I do have a day job, and I cannot go out to lunch during the week because of my job - so checking Twitter around my own lunchtime makes me super-jealous.  Seeing that the people I follow can go to awesome places downtown, in Market Square, on the South Side, in the Strip District...well, I'm jealous.

Yes, I get summers "off" - but I don't, really, because I have another job, so going out to lunch isn't possible much then, either.  Oh, the woes of having bills to pay.

I have been following the tweets of Bocktown for awhile now, and I had heard great things about their menu.  My brother had gone there a few times, and so had James, and they had both raved about the menu.

Now it was my turn.

James, Food Collage, a few other of Food Collage's friends, and I went to Bocktown in Robinson (there is another location in Monaca) for New Year's Eve.  Of course, we sampled many of the foods that they had to offer before ringing in the New Year:

Carnivore Trio - good, but not my favorite

Beer Cheese and Pretzels - the highlight of the night!

Seared Sesame Tuna Salad

Last week, on an impromptu trip to Ikea for furniture ideas for my enclosed back porch, my brother agreed to come with me, with the stipulation of "We're going to lunch at Bocktown, then."

Ok, no argument here!

Although Bocktown is a place with an enormous selection of beers, that's not why we went.  We went for the food - "pub" food, but high-quality.

My brother insisted that the Buffalo Chicken Dip was just like homemade - so basically, delicious:

Buffalo Chicken Dip
I always hate admitting when he's right, but he was - this was just like the homemade version, but served with WAY better, fresh pita, unlike my choice, which would probably be Tostitos (or if I'm feeling bloated, celery).

For my entree, I chose the Crab Roll, served on garlic bread and reminiscent of the lobster roll at Roland's (which I need to get back to sometime - I haven't been there in about 8 years!)  It was also served with seasoned fries and a pickle spear:

Crab Roll
 Yum yum yum.  It was fabulous - the fries were crispy, the bread was toasted well, and the flavors were on-par with what I expected.  I was so happy with my choice.

My brother chose the Bocktown Burgher (not a typo), his usual, with a side of Bocktown BBQ sauce - he swears it's the best BBQ sauce in the world.  However, when his entree arrived, it had buffalo sauce with it  - our waiter did not write our order down (a pet peeve of my brother's), and was probably thinking buffalo due to our Buffalo Chicken Dip entree.  We were able to track him down, and he apologetically and promptly brought him a cup of Bocktown BBQ sauce.  I did try it on a french fry, and I do believe that it is one of the best BBQ sauces I have ever tasted.  Put that on the list for next time.

I'm thinking this will be a regular spot for those rare occasions when I need to go out to Robinson (usually to go to Ikea).  I know that many people flock there due to the beer selection, but A.) I don't drink and drive, and it's 40 minutes from home, and B.) If I'm consuming calories, I'd rather eat them than drink them.

I'd drive there for the food.  Definitely.

Bocktown Beer and Grill (Robinson)
690 Chauvet Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

...Short stops: 21st Street Coffee and Coffee Buddha

I used to hate coffee.

It was only when I inherited my grandmother's Keurig that the need for me to drink caffeine to function well in the mornings became imperative.  Before then, every once in awhile, I had a coffee-drink - usually in cold form, or with a lot of cream, flavorings, and sugar.

I eventually started becoming more adventurous and tried coffee in its purest state.  A former boyfriend took me to 21st Street Coffee in the Strip District, two storefronts away from Pamela's and caddy-corner to Chicken Latino, a few times.  There, I was given "the look" for putting sweetener in my coffee.  Apparently, they are purists, and I was not used to coffee without additional ingredients.

However, on future visits, now with James, I came to appreciate coffee in its purest form.  An acquired taste, yes, but now I have no problem visiting 21st Street Coffee and ordering a drip, or macchiato, or espresso, without cringing at the acidity minus sweetener.

Artwork in Espresso
 My favorites, of course, come from Spanish-speaking countries - Guatemala, El Salvador, and Bolivia, especially.

Awesome sign holder!
Chair uphostered in coffee sack
After our disappointing trip to Azul a few weeks ago, James, his friend Andy, and I stopped at Coffee Buddha in the North Hills, as we had heard good things from our friend Food Collage, who is a regular there.

I can see why she's a regular - the decor is awesome, the people are super-friendly - and they play "Twin Peaks" on a TV above a fish tank.  Who could resist?

Twin Peaks, fish tank, cozy corner
 Since we were there late, I didn't want to get too hopped-up on caffeine, for fear that I wouldn't sleep that night (after all, I need my beauty rest, and I had to teach the next day - can't be a zombie for the kids).

Drink menu, Coffee Buddha
 What was drawn to my eye?  "Mexi Cocoa", or Mexican hot chocolate.  Perfect!

 It was spicier than your average hot chocolate (as "regular" hot chocolate really isn't spicy), but like hot chocolate that you would get in Mexico, chili powder gave it some bite.  It was delicious, and a perfect complement to my "Twin Peaks" experience.

Starbucks has nothing on small, single-location coffee shops - the intimate settings and passion for good coffee make the experience personal and relaxing.

I wish we had more of these near me - preferably one to which I could walk...

21st Street Coffee and Tea on Urbanspoon21st Street Coffee and Tea
50 21st Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Coffee Buddha on UrbanspoonCoffee Buddha
964 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15237


Thursday, March 8, 2012

...Casa Rasta helps the Spanish Club

Kids hate fundraising.  Fact.

I know that when I had to fund-raise, my parents took countless catalogs to work, family members, friends-of-friends, etc. to get them to buy things that they probably didn't need - frozen pizzas, chocolate bunnies, pies, wrapping paper, lottery tickets...I could go on forever.  Why?

To save themselves money.

Fundraising, though, doesn't always save that much money - I mean, my parents bought a lot of those things for the fundraiser.  Most of them were used, but I'm sure others were not - but regardless, they got something out of the deal now, to save money later.

Imagine trying to get kids to fund-raise for Spanish Club.  There's way too much competition.

Marching band, AFJROTC, baseball, football, have to fund-raise for opportunities in so many areas that getting them to fund-raise for Spanish Club is like pulling teeth.  However, we need to fund-raise to be able to afford activities - the less money we have, the less we can do.

Who wants to be in a club where you don't do anything?

To alleviate some of the aggravation of getting kids to raise money, James had an idea - why don't we do a fundraising dinner at Casa Rasta?  People could pay a fee, and the proceeds (minus the food cost) would go to the Spanish Club.  We would also hold raffles to raise some more funds.

As always - genius.

Antonio and Laura, the owners of Casa Rasta, have been so kind to us - and they offered to do the event on a Tuesday, the only day of the week that the restaurant is closed, and therefore, their only day off.  Although the restaurant space itself is small - only 11 seats - we decided to do the best we could in inviting enough people to fill the place (ok, OVERfill the place), while raising a decent amount of funds to cover the cost of future club events.

My tacos (from clockwise from top left): Rajas, Birrio, Soyrizo
17 people came to the dinner - 6 over the seating capacity.  We made it work.  Diners had the choice of 3 tacos OR 1 taco and 1 burrito, plus their choice of drink.  We raffled off 8 baskets - each diner had 3 free tickets for the raffle, while having the option for purchasing additional tickets.

Each diner had a spread like this - well-worth it!
We raised $246.  That's $246 additional for club activities that we didn't have before.  $246 that students don't have to worry about raising (or paying themselves).  I'm pretty happy about that, and I'm sure they are, too!

The best part?  It was a good time.  Definitely a good time - great company, great food, and an opportunity for a few groups to meet - my family, Twitter followers, and teachers.

I have so many people to thank for making this event successful:

Antonio and Laura from Casa Rasta: Thank you so much for giving up your day off to help us out!  Your generosity does not go unappreciated in any way, shape, or form.  Your food is amazing, and I'm so glad that more people got to experience it!  Muchisimas gracias!

Burgh Gourmand: Thank you so much for your organization of this event!  In addition, your generosity in donating raffle prizes is overwhelming.  So many foods from so many places - cactus, sardines, gelatin, hot sauces, etc. You are truly THE BEST!

Mexico Lindo Mercado y Galeria de Artesanias: Thank you so much for donating the "luchador" purse!  My Aunt Marie ended up winning it, and I KNOW she'll get use out of it!

Decor and Mexican Coke
Fonzi's Synergy Fitness: Thank you so much for the t-shirt and 1 month gym membership with training!  Who won?  My mom.  Marie is jealous.  Regardless, it WILL get used!  Yay!

Pittsburgh Prep: Thanks for your generous donation of a basket for our raffle!  Anyone who needs a college readiness academy for services  like SAT or ACT prep MUST check them out!  They are AWESOME people who work hard to ensure that students get the preparation they need for college!

Nancy Cardone: You are SO AWESOME for donating the wrapper purse to raffle off!  Joanne will totally use it, and I'm glad you won a basket in return!  Hooray for karma!

Mr. and Mrs. McMonagle: Thanks for coming and being so supportive!  Now we can do more fun things with the Spanish Club!  Woo hoo!

My family members - Mom, Dad, Mark, Marie, and Dan: Thanks for coming out and trying a new place (and supporting the Spanish Club at the same time!  Two-fer!)

Friends - Joanne, Clara, Nancy (again) and Tom: Thanks so much for coming and being so supportive!  It seems like everyone had a great time!

#TACOYES Twitter Team - Sara, Justine, & Pam: TACOS!  Who can resist?  Thanks for coming out to Casa Rasta for #tacotuesday and supporting the Spanish Club's activities at the same time!

Hopefully, we can do more events like this in the future - they're fun to attend, enjoyable to plan, and help raise funds for a good cause, all while still being Spanish language (and food) -oriented.  

Anyone else want to help us out?

Casa Rasta
2102 Broadway Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

...CONTEST: Farm to Table Pittsburgh

Buying from a local farmer > Buying from a supermarket.

There's more ownership, more confidence, more of a connection in buying from a local farm.  I feel better knowing not only that my produce hasn't traveled too far, but also that I am helping to stimulate the local economy.

Not to mention that the pricing is more reasonable than the local supermarket.  $3.99/lb. for jicama at Giant Eagle vs. $0.89/lb. at Stan's Market in the Strip District?  Big difference when those suckers weigh between 3-4 pounds!

Clarion River organics
Clarion River Organics
My fondest memories of visiting farms are mostly tied to Halloween and pumpkin picking at either Trax Farms or Triple "B" Farms - hay rides, pumpkin picking, and most recently, apple picking.  However, James has made me many meals lately with meat, cheese, and vegetables from Clarion River Organics in the Pittsburgh Public Market, and the quality of their foodstuffs is unlike that of any supermarket's.  

Just yesterday, James made a tagine for dinner with some of the most amazing ingredients from the Pittsburgh Public Market: Clarion Farms Beef flank steak, marinated in East End Brewing Chocolate Cherry Stout; fingerling potatoes and carrots from Clarion River Organics; (and an Asian pear leftover from Costco - sorry, not from a farm).

Our tagine meal, after being pressure-cooked. Soooo tasty!
 Look at this beef.  I wish you could have tasted it!  It.  Was.  Fabulous:

Photo courtesy of James. Beef courtesy of Clarion Farms. Marinade mostly courtesy of East End Brewing.
Olio Fresca Display at Pittsburgh Public Market
 I was also excited to purchase my first oil and balsamic vinegar from Olio Fresca, another participating vendor at the conference.  Lime-infused oil and wild cherry balsamic vinegar will be a great combination on salads, avocado dishes, chicken...

I can't wait to experiment - and tell you all about it!

The Pittsburgh Public Market does a great job of bringing local merchants, farmers, dairies, etc. to one central location for even the biggest city-goers to enjoy.   Don't get me wrong - I have no problem going to the actual farm, etc. to purchase their products, but the public market makes it that much more convenient, especially in the winter months, when farmer's markets are scarce.

If you want to learn more about buying local, fresh, farm-produced goods, or even if you'd just like to sample local foods, this next opportunity is for you:

The 6th Annual Farm to Table Pittsburgh Conference will be held on Friday, March 23rd and Saturday, March 24th at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.  This event will feature speakers, demonstrations, and kids' activities, as well as a food tasting on Friday night (23rd) from 5:00-8:00 PM.


I am giving away two tickets to the food tasting (a $50 value!), thanks to the Revive Marketing Group, a conference sponsor.  Here is how to enter:

*Leave a comment on this post telling me about your favorite local farm or dairy experience - whether it be purchasing the ingredients there for an incredible meal you made, or milking a cow yourself for the first time, or your preschool field trip to the farm that you remember more vividly than your 5th grade field trip to...wherever that was.  The possibilities are endless! 

*Please include the name of the farm/dairy that you visited in your comment.

*All comments must be submitted by FRIDAY, MARCH 16TH at 11:59 PM.  The winner will be announced and contacted on Sunday, March 18th.  (NOTE: If you post anonymously, I cannot contact you!).  The winner will be chosen at random via and their random number picker.  Odds of winning based on the number of entries.

*Any inappropriate or irrelevant comments will not be posted publicly and will not be considered as entries.

For a list of participating exhibitors and more details on the food tasting event, click here

For more information on the Farm to Table Pittsburgh Conference, see their website:  I can't wait to hear about your farm/dairy experiences, so comment away!

Friday, March 2, 2012

...Azul Bar y Cantina


My favorite color.  The calming effect of blue is something that I have always loved.  Not to mention that when I think of "blue", I think of "water", and water has a calming effect on me, too - whether it be swimming the ocean, or a pool, or taking a shower...

James had been to Azul, which means "blue" in Spanish, several times before, and suggested going there one night while his friend, Andy, was in town.  As always, I'm up for any new restaurant, especially if it is Hispanic or Latino, so I had no problem saying, "Yes!  Let's go!"

 Azul sits on a side street in Leetsdale - in fact, when we parked, I said, "We're here?  This is it?" because it wasn't exactly on a main drag, or at least on what appeared to be a main drag.  A church was across the street, but there were several residences near it as well. 

Can you imagine living across the street from a Mexican restaurant?!  It's a Senorita's dream...

I absolutely loved the blue-ness of the restaurant - the ceiling was blue, but with lots of light-colored wood that really made it pop.

Inside Azul
The menu was a good size - not overwhelming, but with a good amount of options.  We first started with the house chips and salsa, but requested both a mild and hot salsa - we got the house salsa, plus pico de gallo.  We also wanted guacamole, and we were told that they only had table-side guacamole (where they make it at the table, like we had at Verde), so we figured that was fine.

House salsa, chips, pico de gallo
As we looked at the menu, we noticed that there was an option for a "side" of guacamole - $4 - and another option for the table-side guacamole - $10.

Sides - Guacamole - See that?
And even better?  Their definition of "table-side guacamole" is: Bring out mortar and pestle with pico de gallo already in it, 2.) Add avocado 3.) Add lime juice 4.) Mix.
End product
Step 2

At least it tasted good.  I don't know if the experience was worth $10, though.

For my entree, I chose the Vegetable Enchiladas with Mole Sauce - the deciding factor was the huitlacoche.  I had never tried it (knowingly, at least), and I was curious about anything that is also known as "corn smut".  

Who knew corn fungus was such a delicacy?  For a full description, click here.

When it arrived - I was immediately put off.  Not by the corn smut, either:

Vegetable Enchiladas with Mole Sauce
 Iceberg lettuce.  Really?  Don't bury my food in iceberg lettuce!  This was my main complaint at both Gran Agave and Emiliano's - and here it is again.  I had to dig for my enchiladas, which were actually good - I couldn't finish them, though, so I took about half home.  This means that I had some very warm iceberg lettuce mixed in with those enchiladas.

Warm iceberg lettuce is gross.

Have no fear, Las Velas.  You still have my vote for "Best Mole", because the sauce at Azul was not very flavorful.  Maybe the lettuce dulled the taste.

In addition, the rice and beans were ok, but nothing special.  I thought that the beans had a strange aftertaste, but it wasn't with every bite, so I can't really explain how unusual it was.  I think my negativity over the rest of the meal may have taken over at that point.

James chose the Carnitas Plate - slow-braised pork with onions, cilantro, salad (not iceberg either - interesting), and tortillas to make soft tacos.  It also came with rice and pinto beans:

Carnitas Plate
I tasted this, and it was better than what I had, honestly - but remember, I really can't eat pork, so I didn't eat much.

Andy went with a local dish - the Steel City Burrito: New York Strip, seasoned fries, cabbage, chipotle.

Steel City Burrito
Although not exactly "authentic", I thought that this was a good way for Azul to honor the famous Primanti Brothers' sandwich with their own twist.  I did not try this, but Andy liked it a lot!

We decided to get dessert - there are only 3 desserts on the menu: Fried Ice Cream, Flan, and Fried Cheesecake.  We ordered one of each - I went with the Flan, James with the Fried Ice Cream, and Andy with the Fried Cheesecake.  After ordering, our waitress came back to tell us that they were actually out of Fried Cheesecake, so Andy decided to forgo the dessert altogether.

Fried Ice Cream

Both desserts were as delicious as they looked.  My only issue with mine was the fact that my plate was covered with many tufts of whipped cream - I understand that the plate would have been pretty bare without them, but at the same time, maybe smaller plates are a better option?

Overall, the food at Azul was a disappointment to me.  I don't think I'll be driving all that way myself to go there again (and I'm glad James did the driving this time).  Gran Agave and Emiliano's are much closer, and if I want my food buried in iceberg lettuce, I could always go there.

But I don't want my food buried in iceberg lettuce, for the record.

Azul is still my favorite color, but unfortunately, not my favorite Mexican restaurant...

Azul Bar Y Cantina
122 Broad St.
Lettsdale, PA 15056


Azul Bar Y Cantina on Urbanspoon