Monday, November 7, 2011

...Smoke Taqueria with Burgh Gourmand & Food Collage

I may have a slight addiction to tacos.  And smoked meats.

I can't say enough about Smoke Taqueria in Homestead - their tacos are so fresh and so delicious that they cause a constant craving.  It's SO CLOSE to where I live, yet not close enough that I wouldn't have to drive there, so I have that moment to rationalize with myself, "No, you don't need tacos tonight, you have food at home to eat," or "No, you don't need tacos today, you have other restaurants to try."

*sigh* The dilemmas of a food blogger.

Burgh Gourmand has recently become quite the addict to Smoke's tacos as well.  When I see him check in on FourSquare (recently, quite often), I won't lie - I am extremely envious, and my urge to hop in the car and drive down Route 837 kicks in.  Then my brain kicks in, rationalizing as to why I don't need tacos at that time.  

Stupid brain.

Food Collage had mentioned a few weeks back that she wanted to try Smoke Taqueria, and that we should go together sometime.  We had discussed how fantastic their tacos are with other food bloggers on the Dormont Food Blogger Tour, and it was obvious that this trip needed to happen sometime soon.

Potato salad with smoked bacon
When I received a tweet from Food Collage last week, asking if I was free to go to Smoke sometime within the next week, it was a no-brainer to check my schedule and work this trip in with her.  I also invited Burgh Gourmand, just to feed his taco addiction some more, and also so that he could meet Food Collage, as they had not yet met in person.

Jalapeno apple slaw
We asked if there were any specials before we ordered, and the waitress told us no, but that the menu would be expanding soon - YAY!  Not that the standard menu isn't amazing, but I think that I've tried everything on it now, so more options will just mean that I need to eat there more often.

*SMACK* You don't need tacos that often, Señorita!

Pork taco
BG had recently tried the pork tacos, and he commented that it was his new favorite - pork is typically not my friend, but I have not had too many issues with it since losing weight.  I also went with my personal favorite - the veggie taco - and jalapeno apple slaw.  To drink, I ordered a horchata (of course), despite the choice of pineapple agua fresca.
FC ordered one of the recommended pork tacos, along with a brisket taco (which I had on my very first visit), jalapeno apple slaw, and a horchata.

Chicken taco
BG went with the same tacos as FC, but instead of the slaw, ordered the potato salad, which was topped with smoked bacon (like the kind on that chicken apple taco we had last time that was SO FANTASTICALLY TASTY that I fantasize about it still...for real).  Eating these smoked meats makes me realize that I need to work a grill with a smoking element into my budget.  No joke.  Smoked bacon in potato salad is mind-blowing.  What else will smoked bacon transform into a mouthwatering meal?  
Veggie taco

I'm willing to experiment and find out.

Even after eating this, it was hard to resist any more tacos.  FC has way more willpower than BG and I, because she declined a second round of tacos due to fullness.  BG ordered a chicken taco, and I ordered a Mexican migas with chorizo, at the waitress's suggestion.

Round 2 - same as the first.  No regrets, just a fuller belly.

In addition, my horchata was even better on this day than the last time - there was more cinnamon in it, which made it taste refreshing and autumn-like.

Mexican migas with chorizo
BG, FC, and I spent over 2 hours at Smoke, not only eating, but engaging in conversation about our food experiences, career experiences, and overall life experiences.  Having had conversations and meals with each of them separately, I knew that I enjoyed conversing and dining with each of them; however, the three of us dining together made for an even more noteworthy evening meal.

I suppose that is what happens with tacos, too - separately, the ingredients are delicious, but when they come together within the tortilla, they become more gratifying.  Separately, I enjoyed my experiences with FC and BG, but having the 3 of us come together within the walls of Smoke Taqueria, it was even more gratifying.  Gracias, mis amigos :-)

Smoke BBQ & Taqueria
205 E. Eighth Ave.
Homestead, PA 15120

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Food Collage

Burgh Gourmand

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