Thursday, March 8, 2012

...Casa Rasta helps the Spanish Club

Kids hate fundraising.  Fact.

I know that when I had to fund-raise, my parents took countless catalogs to work, family members, friends-of-friends, etc. to get them to buy things that they probably didn't need - frozen pizzas, chocolate bunnies, pies, wrapping paper, lottery tickets...I could go on forever.  Why?

To save themselves money.

Fundraising, though, doesn't always save that much money - I mean, my parents bought a lot of those things for the fundraiser.  Most of them were used, but I'm sure others were not - but regardless, they got something out of the deal now, to save money later.

Imagine trying to get kids to fund-raise for Spanish Club.  There's way too much competition.

Marching band, AFJROTC, baseball, football, have to fund-raise for opportunities in so many areas that getting them to fund-raise for Spanish Club is like pulling teeth.  However, we need to fund-raise to be able to afford activities - the less money we have, the less we can do.

Who wants to be in a club where you don't do anything?

To alleviate some of the aggravation of getting kids to raise money, James had an idea - why don't we do a fundraising dinner at Casa Rasta?  People could pay a fee, and the proceeds (minus the food cost) would go to the Spanish Club.  We would also hold raffles to raise some more funds.

As always - genius.

Antonio and Laura, the owners of Casa Rasta, have been so kind to us - and they offered to do the event on a Tuesday, the only day of the week that the restaurant is closed, and therefore, their only day off.  Although the restaurant space itself is small - only 11 seats - we decided to do the best we could in inviting enough people to fill the place (ok, OVERfill the place), while raising a decent amount of funds to cover the cost of future club events.

My tacos (from clockwise from top left): Rajas, Birrio, Soyrizo
17 people came to the dinner - 6 over the seating capacity.  We made it work.  Diners had the choice of 3 tacos OR 1 taco and 1 burrito, plus their choice of drink.  We raffled off 8 baskets - each diner had 3 free tickets for the raffle, while having the option for purchasing additional tickets.

Each diner had a spread like this - well-worth it!
We raised $246.  That's $246 additional for club activities that we didn't have before.  $246 that students don't have to worry about raising (or paying themselves).  I'm pretty happy about that, and I'm sure they are, too!

The best part?  It was a good time.  Definitely a good time - great company, great food, and an opportunity for a few groups to meet - my family, Twitter followers, and teachers.

I have so many people to thank for making this event successful:

Antonio and Laura from Casa Rasta: Thank you so much for giving up your day off to help us out!  Your generosity does not go unappreciated in any way, shape, or form.  Your food is amazing, and I'm so glad that more people got to experience it!  Muchisimas gracias!

Burgh Gourmand: Thank you so much for your organization of this event!  In addition, your generosity in donating raffle prizes is overwhelming.  So many foods from so many places - cactus, sardines, gelatin, hot sauces, etc. You are truly THE BEST!

Mexico Lindo Mercado y Galeria de Artesanias: Thank you so much for donating the "luchador" purse!  My Aunt Marie ended up winning it, and I KNOW she'll get use out of it!

Decor and Mexican Coke
Fonzi's Synergy Fitness: Thank you so much for the t-shirt and 1 month gym membership with training!  Who won?  My mom.  Marie is jealous.  Regardless, it WILL get used!  Yay!

Pittsburgh Prep: Thanks for your generous donation of a basket for our raffle!  Anyone who needs a college readiness academy for services  like SAT or ACT prep MUST check them out!  They are AWESOME people who work hard to ensure that students get the preparation they need for college!

Nancy Cardone: You are SO AWESOME for donating the wrapper purse to raffle off!  Joanne will totally use it, and I'm glad you won a basket in return!  Hooray for karma!

Mr. and Mrs. McMonagle: Thanks for coming and being so supportive!  Now we can do more fun things with the Spanish Club!  Woo hoo!

My family members - Mom, Dad, Mark, Marie, and Dan: Thanks for coming out and trying a new place (and supporting the Spanish Club at the same time!  Two-fer!)

Friends - Joanne, Clara, Nancy (again) and Tom: Thanks so much for coming and being so supportive!  It seems like everyone had a great time!

#TACOYES Twitter Team - Sara, Justine, & Pam: TACOS!  Who can resist?  Thanks for coming out to Casa Rasta for #tacotuesday and supporting the Spanish Club's activities at the same time!

Hopefully, we can do more events like this in the future - they're fun to attend, enjoyable to plan, and help raise funds for a good cause, all while still being Spanish language (and food) -oriented.  

Anyone else want to help us out?

Casa Rasta
2102 Broadway Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

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