Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Main St. Deli of Munhall Deserves Better

I will never, ever understand vandalism.

What exactly does it accomplish?  Graffiti, broken windows, destroyed landscaping - what does this actually DO?  Does it really send a message?  Do passers-by really think that the owners of such property are at fault for such an eye-sore?

No.  They aren't.  They're the victims of idiotic immaturity.

Main St. Deli of Munhall, a short 10-minute drive from my house, has been the victim of vandalism on several occasions, most recently this past Saturday night/Sunday morning - once again, someone shattered their front window:

Main Street Deli's shattered front window, 1/21/13
Seriously?  Why?  Did the criminal think there was money in there?  Were they trying to send "a message"?  What did this accomplish?

The worst part about this criminal's act is that it is no secret that video surveillance cameras have been installed in that area, in addition to other areas of Main Street, to curb the vandalism.  There are signs that CLEARLY warn people of this, plus it has been in the local media.  WHY WOULD YOU TARGET AN AREA WHERE YOU ARE AT HIGH RISK OF BEING CAUGHT?!

On a similar note, I had a student tweet at me in class recently, when she should have been paying attention to a review game on the Promethean board.  Her exact words were, "S/O to's 12:23 and I'm tweeting right in front of you!"  Um, DUH, if you mention me, I'm going to get an email notification about it, and now I have concrete evidence that you used your cell phone during class time (students aren't even supposed to have their cell phones in their possession during the school day).  No doubt there, you just incriminated yourself.

To say it nicely - that's just not smart.

I feel as if whomever is doing this to Main Street Deli is doing the same thing - setting themselves up for capture.  Not smart.  Not smart at all.

And guess what?  Two people were caught within 24 hours of the crime.  Duh.  Like that wasn't going to happen.  

To show support, I knew that I had to get my in-service day lunch from them on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  I called ahead, and my order was ready and waiting when I arrived (it takes about as long to drive there as it does to get the order ready - 10 minutes).

I ordered the #1 combo: Turkey, Pepper Jack Cheese, and Southwest Sauce, plus lettuce, tomato, and red onion; chips (Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips, my favorite!); 20 oz. drink (Diet Mt. Dew):

The #1 Combo
I've mentioned before that their food is way better than anything at Subway, and this was no different - I don't even think that double-meat on a Subway sandwich would equal the amount of meat on this 6" sub.  The Southwest Sauce was smoky and savory - much better than the Subway version.  AND, I was VERY full after eating a 6", whereas I'm sometimes still left hungry after a Subway footlong.

They will even DELIVER to my house.  Maybe this will be a good solution to eating out on days when I don't want to leave the house...

Main Street Deli of Munhall
3510 Main St.
Munhall, PA 15120


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  1. Great article! Love Main St Deli and am saddened to see this happen to them again. Keep up the great work guys and don't let the bad guys get you down!!

  2. Excellent food and a great bunch of people run it. I hope the vandals see some time over this but probably not :-( I am going to take the I-Beam challenge at some point ...

  3. I just came across this article and my family and I are truly grateful for your kind words and continued support! It is people like you and your readers/students/friends that are the resons why we do what we do.

    Keep up your positive work and remember, there will always be "NOT SO SMART" people out there, no matter what or how we teach them!!!


    Bruce and Abby
    Main Street Deli

  4. Very nice article. I enjoyed reading it and I agree with every word of it. You have now also made me hungry for Main St Deli :)