Tuesday, September 13, 2011

…Reyna’s tortillas (bonus blog!)

So people ask me – what do you do with the stuff you buy down in The Strip District?

I see the variety of items that are available in The Strip as an opportunity for creativity – so much culture and variety, why not use your imagination and come up with something new (and hopefully, delicious)?

Last night, while taking a break from writing my blog post about The Strip District, I ventured into the kitchen and spotted my bag of 30 of Reyna Foods’ handmade corn tortillas.  They make them right there in the store.  I would have taken pictures of them making them while I was there, but they had just opened, so the process was just beginning.

Next time, I promise!

I thought, “What can I do with these before they go bad?”  Well, they keep for a decent amount of time, and I can always freeze them - but I was looking for an excuse to use them…ok, to eat them.

I took three tortillas out of the bag and spread each side with some canola oil.  I heated them individually in a nonstick skillet, until they were crispy (you can also do this in the oven, if you have the time – I didn’t have the patience to wait for the oven to preheat).  Once they were done, I broke them into pieces and ate them with my “green stuff” and mayonnaise mixture that I love so much from Chicken Latino – although all I have in my house is light mayonnaise (oh well, made it healthier, what a shame!)

Then I wanted dessert.  I remembered that I had bought the buñuelos as a reward for my 3rd and 8th period classes, and I kind of wanted something along those lines.  However, I wanted ice cream, too.  The only ice cream in my house right now is Arctic Zero (which is really not ice cream…not at all) and Trader Joe’s Raspberry & Vanilla cream bars…oh, hey, those will do.  

 I heated another tortilla (sprayed with Pam this time – I felt bad about using oil again, with all of those calories), then sprinkled it with a mixture of Splenda (again, calories) and cinnamon.  I turned the tortilla over, and repeated the heating and sprinkling process.  

Once the tortilla was crispy, I transferred it to a plate and topped it with the ice cream bar (they’re not very big, but once it had melted a bit, I spread it out amongst the tortilla).  It still needed something.

Oh wait – I had Very Berry Jam from The Berry Patch at The Pittsburgh Public Market!

I took about a tablespoon of the jam and topped my ice cream concoction with it.  The only thing missing was some fat-free Reddi-Whip, which used to be a staple in my refrigerator, but I found myself using too much of it, so I stopped buying it.

Ugh.  Definitely going to have to get some more on my next shopping trip!

So, that was my creative moment – it was a homemade version of fried ice cream, in a way (fried ice cream really isn’t “fried”, but does contain a fried component – like a tortilla).  Here is what the fried ice cream from Las Velas in Market Square looks like:

Yeah, that looks way more appetizing than what I made – but my creative dessert will do in a pinch.

Oh yeah, the verdict?  Delicious, of course.  You can’t go wrong with a fried up, cinnamon and sugar (or Splenda) coated tortilla, topped with raspberry-vanilla ice cream and berry jam. 

Maybe next time I’ll add chocolate, too…oh, the wheels in my head are turning…

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