Tuesday, October 11, 2011

….A Request for Feedback (ATTN: Hispanic/Latino Groups/Restaurants in the Greater Pittsburgh Area)

I need a favor.

I started this blog for 3 reasons:

1.)  To broaden the horizons of my students by making them aware of the Hispanic/Latino culture that is present in the Pittsburgh area.
2.)  To broaden the horizons of people in and around my community, who are normally stuck in their routines and need to try new things.
3.)  To broaden my own horizons – to try new things, to meet new people, and to educate myself

After 2 ½ months of blogging and 1 ½ months of school, #3 has definitely been most successful.  I have learned much, tried things that I have never done before (food and activities included), and met some great people via Twitter and Meetup.com. 

My students are trying new things – not all of them, but a lot.  I have had two students turn in their reports for extra credit, and both of them commented on the fact that they tried foods that they had never tried before.  I have other students that have visited restaurants that haven’t written their reports yet (procrastinators!) that have also told me that they tried new foods and restaurants and liked them – this thrills me every time I hear it!

I need help with #2 – people in and around my community. 

I can’t force people to go out into the world and discover new things – sometimes we need to bring the new things to them to encourage the “broadening of horizons”.  I try to do that in my classes, but my students are just a small sampling of my community – and let’s face it, children are products of their environment, not vice versa. 

Not everyone from the area will travel outside of the United States at some point in their lives, but that does not mean that they should be ignorant of other cultures, perspectives, and customs. 

Ignorance results in intolerance.

I want to make my community aware of the Hispanic/Latino culture.  Even if it is not their own culture, perhaps seeing how a different culture lives, eats, and entertains will make them willing to open their minds to the perspectives of other cultures as well.  I can’t force them to go outside of our community – so I want to bring the culture to our community.

Here is my proposal:

I want to have a huge Hispanic/Latino cultural event in the West Mifflin/Whitaker/Duquesne area.  I need Hispanic/Latino restaurant owners and group leaders to email (senoritacibulka@gmail.com), tweet (@senoritacibulka) or comment (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Se%C3%B1orita-Cibulka-Savors/255069364535085) with answers to the following questions:

1.)  What time of year would be best to have a HUGE event, in which we would charge admission (I am planning a trip to Spain, and I am co-sponsor of our Spanish Club, and we need funds!)?  Spring?  A specific month?
2.)  Which day of the week would be best? 
3.)  What time of day would be best?
4.)  In what kind of event are you willing to participate? 
a.    Food competition (best guacamole, best salsa, best appetizer, best main entrée, etc.)
b.    Event (like Spain’s “La tomatina”, or something similar)
c.     Cultural exposition (dance groups, demonstrations, etc.)
d.    Other ideas?
5.)  What specifically can your group do for the event? 

Please feel free to share this post with anyone you feel can add to this event – whether you think they are related to the Hispanic/Latino culture or not – you may be surprised where resources can be found!

Thank you for your time and attention.  Hope to hear from you soon!

Señorita Cibulka

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