Wednesday, January 11, 2012

...Sushi Kim [Off-topic]

*Sigh*.  I know.  Another off-topic post.

The holidays are killer.  There are so many things going on that eating out is so much easier than cooking (on the non-holiday days), but staying within topic (and going someplace new as opposed to somewhere I've already been) is difficult on a whim.

When James and I got off the Amtrak train after our trip to New York City, we wanted a real, non-train meal.  What was close (and open)?  Sushi Kim in the Strip District.

I am a sushi fan.  Can you believe that the first time that I ever tried sushi...was at Kennywood?!  It was for our annual Team Member Gala, and on the caterer's menu was sushi.  I tried it - it was warm (ick) but I still liked it, having never experienced sushi before.  I then tried it at Nakama, Yokoso, Benichopsticks, and I have found that surprisingly, the sushi at Giant Eagle is pretty good as well.  Through many tastings, I have discovered that the only thing that I will not eat in sushi form is eel. 

Eels are like water snakes that shock you.  SHOCK YOU.  Who wants to eat that?!

[Note: Not all eels are electric eels - that's just what I think of first when I think of "eel"]

Regardless, I was all for sushi after getting pretty stiff sitting on the train for 9 hours, mostly of the time watching Amish people learn new card games (I swear, that was over the half the trip - thank god for headphones and iTunes).

James knows the entire staff, having gone there often (do you think he eats out a lot?)  We were seated at his "regular" table, and there were only a few other patrons there at the time.  James told me about the upstairs, which is an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ on Friday and Saturday nights.  It was Friday night, so there were people upstairs for it, but sushi was more appealing and both of us at the time, since we had just eaten our way through New York City.

Where the sushi magic happens at Sushi Kim
We were served little side dishes at first - kim chi (James's favorite), bean sprouts, and onion soup, then edamame (one of which I shot into the air, and it landed behind me - whoops - classy move like my chickpea debacle at Babbo), since the sushi chef was a bit busy and it took awhile to get the sushi boat that we had ordered.  James, lover of all things kim chi, also asked for more of that - twice.
Bean Sprouts, Onion Soup, Kim Chi

James ordered quite the variety of sushi and sashimi in our boat - yellowtail, tuna, shrimp, crab, salmon...but no eel :-)  There was so much variety that I could not tell you what is what:

Sushi and Sashimi Combination
I wasn't blown away by the sushi, but it was definitely good sushi - I'm also no connoisseur of sushi, so I cannot really give a professional opinion.  I would definitely get sushi here again, but I would not go out of my way to do so.

I would, however, go out of my way to try Korean BBQ there on the weekend...

Sushi Kim
1241 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203


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  1. i was creeped out at the thought of eating eel until a friend forced me to try it - long ago at Sushi Kim no less - and I immediately regretted all those years of missing out - it is FABULOUS and i get it almost every time i order sushi now :) give it a try!!!