Saturday, March 31, 2012

...Pittsburgh Popcorn Company

Popcorn was my saving grace when I lost weight.

I would treat myself pretty much every night with a bag of 94% fat-free popcorn - and, as was tradition, I would usually OVERpop it in the microwave, causing some...burnage.  The entire house smelled like popcorn, and when I lived at home, my family wasn't too happy with it. 

But I loved it.  I mean, those little burnt pieces toward the end?  Oh, so good!  I think the entire fetish started when Hills was open - I loved Hills, as did many people in the Pittsburgh area - and they sold bags of popcorn at their snack bar.  Big, big bags full of buttery popcorn goodness.  And at the bottom?  Some burnt pieces.

My absolute favorite.  RIP Hills...and your popcorn *tear*.

I've always loved popcorn, burnt or not, and a tradition for my family during our vacations to Ocean City, MD was always to take back some Fisher's Popcorn from the boardwalk.  It was delicious, I'll admit, but after awhile, it was nothing special.

James introduced me to the Pittsburgh Popcorn Company on one of our many Strip District trips.  I knew about it, but never even thought to go there, despite my love of popcorn.

Inside Pittsburgh Popcorn Company
 Now, I'm obsessed.

I went there today on a whim because they had been tweeting all week (and before that, even) about their Peeps Popcorn - yes, popcorn flavored to be like Marshmallow Peeps, just in time for Easter.  Social media worked its magic, because I wanted to have some, for sure. 

Who doesn't love Peeps?  Last year, I even made it an experiment for my ESL students - my uncle had shown me how to "blow them up" in a vacuum canister, so we did that for fun right before Easter break last year.  Some of them had never even tried Peeps, so it was also an excuse for them to try something new (see video below):

When I arrived, the line was to the door - literally.  I squeezed in to keep out of the chilly air, and waited about 20 minutes before being waited on.  The guys working there were super-friendly, but not exactly efficient at moving the line.

Flavor Display (part of it, at least)
 There was no question that I was getting Peeps Popcorn, but I thought about getting another flavor.  Nothing too exotic, but something that other people may enjoy, too (because I certainly do NOT need to be eating flavored popcorn all on my own!)  I also opted for a medium bag of Chunky Chocolate Caramel, and proud of myself for not getting a 3 lb. tin of one flavor (which I had actually considered...)

My popcorn purchases: Chunky Chocolate Caramel and Peeps
 The Peeps Popcorn - ok, I'm not going to lie, tasted like white chocolate popcorn.  I know that it's white chocolate, not marshmallow.  I understand the appeal to the public of calling it "Peeps" right before Easter.  I know its coloring makes it spring-y and festive.  Am I complaining about the taste at all?  NO WAY.  Loved it.  I love white chocolate, and this popcorn was amazing - just don't think that it's going to taste like marshamallows.

Chunky Chocolate Caramel and Peeps
The Chunky Chocolate Caramel Poporn - awesome choice.  Very sweet, but not sickening-sweet.  The greatest thing about this popcorn is that I don't want to keep shoveling handfuls of it in my mouth - it's delicious, but I can only eat so much at at time (therefore, it will last longer, and I won't consume 3000 extra calories in one day).  This is not a downfall - it is the kind of treat that I need!

The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company has a fundraising program (as well as catering and event options - like wedding favors), and I am considering doing one to raise money for my Spain Trip and Spanish Club activities - I think that it would generate great sales, considering how fantastic their product is!  Anybody have any feedback?

When you're in The Strip (or Oakland, or downtown in the Cultural District) and looking for a great gift or special treat - The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company is the place to stop, no doubt.  With a variety of regular flavors, as well as weekly specials, in addition to a variety of bag sizes (small, medium, large), tin sizes (1 gallon, 2 gallons, 3 gallons), and styles (including Steelers and Penguins tins) there's always something to please anyone in your group - and remember, you can always try before you buy!

Pittsburgh Popcorn Company
209 21st Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (Strip District)

822 Liberty Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (Downtown - Cultural District)

3710 5th Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213 (Oakland)


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  1. Hills! I once worked summers in the snack bar at Hills, popping that popcorn!! I saw the tweet about Peeps Popcorn and had hopes for melted peeps coating the popcorn, that seemed like a neat idea, but I guess not. I've never really been a peeps lover, though. I was always happy that my Easter Bunny disliked peeps, too.

  2. I work at the new store in Monroeville Mall.. I can't get enough of it!! I had only eaten their popcorn once before, but I'm a HUGE popcorn fanatic. I'm that crazy person who gets a whole bucket at the movies. The majority of Pgh Popcorn's popcorn is gluten free and vegetarian too. :)