Friday, January 4, 2013

More Fukuda!

The holidays are over.  I'm back to work.  It's cold out.  

This time of year just sucks.

BUT, my good friend Food Collage wanted to meet James and me for dinner with her DH before their post-holiday schedules got even crazier (or suckier).  She had been wanting to try Fukuda, as James and I have RAVED about it, so we made the arrangements.  I even agreed to a LATE dinner - 8:00pm - even though I swore I'd never go out late on a school night.

That's how much I love eating with these people.  And eating at Fukuda.

I had only tried the late-night menu previously, so the regular menu overwhelmed me a bit.  I knew how fantastic Sushi Chef Matt Kemp's creations were, having tried them during his time at Emilia Romagna, and I had no idea what would NOT be good.  James knew that he didn't want the Salted Fish Head (although that's something I would definitely try, but I didn't want anyone else at the table to be put-off), but that he did want the Edamame again:

Grilled Edamame
This is so simple, yet so delicious.  I could eat this all day.

The Robotayaki was another favorite of mine, so I ordered the chicken and the duck:

Chicken, Salmon, and Duck Robotayaki (the salmon was for Food Collage's DH) can never go wrong with grilled meat, but I don't think that any man could replicate this on their backyard grill.  

I also ordered the Ponzu Duck Breast, since Salt of the Earth has made me such a duck aficionada:

Ponzu Duck Breast
Paired with the grilled green onions, this was awesome.  On its own, it may have been a bit bland, but this is the perfect combination of meat and vegetable.  The duck is marinated in ponzu, which is made in-house, and topped with shiitake mushroom.  

Because neither of us could decide on sushi otherwise, we ordered the Chef's Choice Sampler:

Large Chef's Choice Sampler
I could not name everything formally on here, but there is clam, salmon, tuna, and mackerel, which had a nice shine to it:

Mackerel Nigiri
Matt never disappoints when it comes to sushi.  Like, everything he has ever made for me has been awesome.  Every time.  I dare him to make me something I don't like!

Finally, we had to try the Wagyu.  Now, you know that I absolutely love the Wagyu Brisket Taco at Smoke BBQ Taqueria, so I know that the meat quality is there - I mean, just LOOK at this!


Full Slate of Wagyu
It was SO TENDER!  Made with yuzu, cilantro oil, and bull's blood microgreens, this was the best "dessert" we could have had!  Wagyu is expensive, but definitely worth EVERY PENNY.

I'm so glad that I got to spend some time with Food Collage and her DH (and James, of course!) at such a fabulous restaurant.  I will definitely become a regular - maybe not as much of a regular as I am at Smoke BBQ Taqueria, but hey, tacos are my thing...

If you're looking for somewhere to eat on Monday, January 7, 2013, and you're bummed that Fukuda is closed on Mondays - YOU'RE IN LUCK!  They will be doing "No Menu Mondays" at Bar Marco on that date, just as Smoke BBQ Taqueria, PGH Taco Truck, and Justin Severino (Cure) have done previously.  

AND Fukuda is participating in Pittsburgh Restaurant Week from January 14-20, 2013.  If you're looking for an excuse to check them out in their own space, this is the time to do it, with a $35 Chef's Choice Tasting Menu that I can guarantee will knock your socks off!

No excuses.  Go.  Eat.  You'll love it.  It's better than "swell".  And it definitely made at least that early January day much less "sucky".

On the wall by the door inside Fukuda

4770 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224 (Bloomfield)


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