Tuesday, February 21, 2012

...Coffee & Cookie Day: The Final Numbers

So proud.

Coffee & Cookie Day came and went.  So, so many cookies were brought in between my classes and Mr. McMonagle's.  My classroom smelled like a bakery that had just opened it's doors for the day - cookies in the display case, with some still in the oven, the smell of coffee in the air for those who enjoyed the combination.

I baked my Oatmeal Maple Raisin cookies - about 7 dozen:

My Oatmeal Maple Raisin Cookies

Students brought in anything from M&M, to chocolate chip, to sugar cookies.  Some bought packages of cookies, which is totally fine - students will buy anything with which they are familiar:

Cookies from the students (I had to put them out in shifts! This isn't anywhere near all of them!)
 We had cookies and other pastries generously donated by Sugar Cafe, Oakmont Bakery (thanks to James), and Vanilla Pastry (those were in Mr. McMonagle's room):

From Oakmont Bakery (yeah, don't worry, I dropped the price on those!)

From Oakmont Bakery, Sugar Cafe, and a few students! (banana bread & cinnamon rolls - so yummy!)

 Greek Gourmet in Squirrel Hill even donated some hummus and pretzel/carrot snack boxes for us to sell!  They went pretty quickly (I had one as my lunch - homemade hummus is definitely the way to go!)!:

Mmm, pretzels and hummus from Greek Gourmet!
Three students - Marissa, Sara, and Jimmy H. - got pretty creative with their cupcakes!:

The "M" was purchased too quickly for me to get the best picture!

Silver sprinkles make everything pretty :-)
  I strategically set up carts for adding cream and sugar to coffee, and adding tea and hot chocolate mixes to hot water:

Tea and Hot Chocolate Cart

Sugar and Creamer Cart
And after a long, busy day of hustling all of these, our total at the end of the day, between both my room and Mr. McMonagle's was...


But WAIT!  We did have cookies left over, so the students in charge of the You Light Up My Heart Dance that night said that they would continue to sell our cookies, and give us the money - all of it - for Make-A-Wish!  Amazing!

So what was the FINAL total???


I am incredibly proud of everyone for their accomplishments.  At LEAST one child will get his or her wish granted as a result of our efforts.  Thanks to the students who donated items, anyone who donated cookies, coffee, sugar, napkins, plates, plasticware, etc., and anyone who spent or donated any amount of money toward this total.

Next year, our goal will be $1000.00 - and we will surpass it, I'm sure...

In the meantime, please patronize the businesses that helped us out!  Gracias!

Make-A-Wish: http://www.wish.org

Oakmont Bakery: http://oakmontbakery.com/

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