Thursday, June 14, 2012

BRGR [off-topic]

Who doesn't love a GOOD burger?

When I say GOOD, I don't mean McDonald's, or Wendy's, or Burger King.  I mean - GOOD.  Not even like, Red Robin - better than most fast-food chains, but...not great.  Or even that GOOD.

I had the chance to meet Pittsburgh Magazine's "Chef of the Year", Brian Pekarcik of BRGR and Spoon in East Liberty, on a recent trip to BRGR itself.  I was happy to find that he was personable and kind, with a fun-loving attitude for food - the kind of guy you want making your GOOD burger.  

I shouldn't say GOOD - my burger at BRGR was GREAT.  AMAZING.  WONDERFUL.  And most importantly - DELICIOUS.  I didn't even have a beef burger - I opted for the "California Lovin'", a turkey burger with avocado, alfalfa sprouts, roasted tomatoes, pesto mayo, and provolone.  I had eaten like a pig earlier in the day, due to the fact that I was baking (and sinfully licking the bowls once everything was in the oven), so I wanted something not-so-fatty.  

California Lovin'
 Turkey burgers are tricky, because it is so easy to dry them out, since they are not fatty like red meat burgers.  I don't know how this chef made the burger moist and succulent, but he did - quite successfully.  I was torn between this, the "Santa Fe Hippie" (grilled corn and black bean falafel burger, guacamole, shredded lettuce, tomato, pepperjack cheese, cilantro-lime creme fraiche), and "Fire in the Hole" (guacamole, jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, sriracha) - and I was so satisfied with my choice, on both factors of health and taste.

After all, Californians eat healthy all of the time, right?

After a few bites.  Mmmm, lots of avocado!
 But, I had to be bad one one account: THE FRIES.

BRGR Fries.  Topped with parmesan and herbs.

Best.  Fries.  Ever.  

No lie.  No joke.  These fries are better than those any type of fast-food establishment offers, of course; however, I have not had fries at any casual-dining or even fine-dining establishment that can compare.  A place that is known for burgers could probably survive even with mediocre fries, but BRGR does it right with having both awesome burgers AND awesome fries.

They may not be tacos, but they - both the burgers and the fries - are worth going back for.  In addition, knowing that a chef who is actually friendly, approachable, and award-winning is the brains behind that burger makes the trip even more worthwhile.

5997 Penn Circle South
Pittsburgh, PA 15206


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