Saturday, June 16, 2012

Coca Cafe [off-topic]

It's weird having time to do stuff.

School has been out for less than a week, and I have not adjusted.  Normally, when the school year ends, that just means that I work more hours at Kennywood - but this year, it's not the case.  I work 8 hours at most, and that's it.  6 days per week, yes, but not 10-12 hours a day like I used to.

Not helping my bank account.

It's also weird.  I'm like, home.  I can like, do stuff.

So when James asked if I wanted to go to breakfast - on a Wednesday - it felt strange.  Going OUT to breakfast on a WEEKDAY?!  Unheard of.  But the weather was absolutely perfect this day, so going out and doing something was a must-do.  No questions asked.  

Breakfast seemed necessary.

Coca Cafe
 We drove down to Lawrenceville to have breakfast at Coca Cafe, a quaint little cafe on the corner of Butler St. and Lodi Way (near 38th St.) that serves breakfast, lunch, and Sunday brunch (of which you know I'm a fan).  Being that it was late morning on a Wednesday, it was not crowded, with only a few tables occupied.  We were seated in the back room, where only one other table was occupied.  

Corner seat in the back of Coca Cafe
 The space was cute and relaxing.  We were in a back corner, with plenty of sunlight reflecting off of the brightly-painted yellow walls on this perfect-weather morning.  I was a fan of the retro design on the tables:
Retro design on the table

 We started off with our usual morning beverage - coffee - and James had mentioned that the orange juice is fresh-squeezed, so we each ordered a glass:

Coffee and Freshly-squeezed Orange Juice

 Apparently, the menu changes at times, because James raved to me repeatedly about the Lemon Blueberry Pancakes - which were no longer on the menu.  Our waitress confirmed that they were no longer available, but recommended the Brown Sugar Griddle Cakes with Strawberry Butter, which he agreed to try.

My choice, of course, had to be something Mexican-like - I chose the Breakfast Quesadilla: 

Breakfast Quesadilla
Not that I can remember everything that was stuffed between the tortilla, but I know that that is lime-flavored creme fraiche on top, and scrambled eggs, guacamole, black beans, and cheese - at least - in there.  It was very tasty and full of some of my favorite flavors.  The creme fraiche was a great way to get some lime flavoring into the quesadilla, a staple in a lot of Mexican cooking.

The potatoes were equally great - crispy, but not greasy.  They were so good that I caught James stealing some off of my plate, and he felt compelled to order another side of them.

I did have a chance to taste James's griddle cakes - the strawberry butter that accompanied the cakes can be described in two words - SCOOTER CRUNCH.  Imagine slathering your pancakes with a Scooter Crunch Bar. 

Yeah.  Dream come true, right?  I thought so.  The waitress wasn't kidding.

Coca Cafe is quaint, cute, and has delicious and different breakfast options.  I will definitely return for another round of breakfast, or lunch, or even Sunday brunch.

Because now that it's summer break - I can.

Coca Cafe
3811 Butler St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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