Friday, July 13, 2012

Evolution Grille

The more people bother me to do something, the less I want to do it.

I know, sounds childish.  But it's true.  Think of yourself - your mom/dad/whoever nags you and nags you to clean your room, and you put it off as long as possible just because they keep nagging you about it.  

Passive aggressive much?

I don't know who runs the Twitter feed at Evolution Grille, but they had been tweeting at me, James, and Food Collage for awhile, asking us to visit them and try their food.  Um, begging food bloggers to come to your restaurant is not going to make it any more desirable to come there.  It's one thing to do it once, but to continue to do so over the course of several months is a bit excessive.

The biggest problem about going there was that it was so far out of our way.  Sarver?  That's about an hour away from all of us.  I had been there once, to Rock-A-Fellas, to see a friend of mine play in a band there.  It was a great bar and a fun night, but a bit far, especially considering that there were similar places much closer to all of us.

But, we caved, and figured that if we were going to go, we should go in the summer, when it's light outside later, and we wouldn't get lost in the darkness of Route 28.  As it turns out, Evolution Grille is in the exact same plaza as Rock-A-Fellas -- not surprising, because there isn't much else in that area.  A Sheetz, a Get Go, the plaza, and a movie theater...that's all we really came across.

Inside Evolution Grille
We met Food Collage and R. (or now as she may call him, her "DH"), and we were the only ones in the restaurant.  It was a Tuesday night, and it was late (around 7:45), so not exactly prime-time dining, but one else.  

Since they describe themselves as a "global seasonal concept restaurant" (according to their Facebook page), their menu changes (and evolves? Is that the "evolution" part of the concept?) periodically.  I decided upon the Crab Cakes, served with "root fries", French fries made with root vegetables such as parsnips, sweet potatoes, and turnips instead of potatoes:

Crab Cakes & Root Fries

James chose the stuffed tilapia, served with rice pilaf:

Stuffed Tilapia
I definitely had the better choice; James's fish was pretty boring to me.  The crab cakes were good, and I was glad that they weren't overly fried or breaded.  The best part by far were the root fries -- they were delicious!  Root vegetables (like these, and yucca root) seem to make better fries than regular potatoes.  I'm going to have to learn...and experiment...

Food Collage and her DH though that their meals were good, but nothing spectacular.  We all agreed about the root fries, though.  The two of them also decided upon a dessert, a Bacon Chocolate Cheesecake:

Bacon Chocolate Cheesecake
James and I sampled it, and the bacon really didn't add much to the flavor of the cheesecake.  It didn't make it worse, but it didn't make it any better or interesting, either.  We decided to save room for dessert elsewhere, and didn't regret that decision (stay tuned!).

I wouldn't say that we regretted going to Evolution Grille, but considering that it is out of our way, I'm not sure that James and I would go out of our way to have a meal there.  It's not a bad option, and if we lived in the area, it would probably be a regular spot.  However, I can find similar -- and better -- options closer to the city.

Evolution Grille
123 Mulone Drive
Sarver, PA 16055


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  1. Any place that uses the phrase "rice pilaf" is dead to me. Ditto "ATM machine," "PIN number," "chicken pollo," ... you get the idea. Automatic disqualification.