Monday, July 9, 2012

Homestead Hot Dog Hut (Seriously?)

Food trucks are happening in Pittsburgh.  They are.

Franktuary, Dozen Bake Shop, Pittsburgh Pierogi Truck, and, of course, PGH Taco Truck are all making there way through the city (or about to make their way through the city), and it will be the next big thing.  Just wait.

However, I wanted to briefly mention an unusual food...uh...{truck}...that James and I had heard about, encountered, and just HAD to stop and check out on our way back from the gym one day.  

 We took a shortcut to The Waterfront via 7th Avenue instead of 8th to get to the ill-fated Amity Street railroad crossing, where just before the intersection appeared a Winnebago with a sign - "Homestead Hot Dog Hut".  We had heard of its legend from others and also from Facebook, where its existence was confirmed, in addition to the fact that it was even licensed by the Allegheny County Health Department.

Uhhh...then it's safe, right?

What a setup - check out that ACHD license in the window on the right!
James pulled into the vacant gravel lot adjacent to the Winnebago and got out to investigate.  Being sweaty and gross from the gym, I was perfectly happy where I was, and astonished that this was actually happening.

Winnebago Weiners.  Wow.

There was a line...
 James ordered me a plain dog with mustard (my request), while he got the same with the addition of onions and relish.  We ate them before departing for Costco to get gas.

My Winnebago Weiner - with brown mustard
 Nothing special.

A cooked - not grilled - hot dog on a soft, fresh bun, which probably came from somewhere in The Waterfront.  It tasted like the buns my mom buys at the store when we would have hot dogs at home.  I'm not a fan of un-grilled hot dogs too much, unless they have spectacular toppings like at Dormont Dogs or Station Street Hot Dogs, but this was ok.  Not bad, not good - ok.

For $2.50, if you're hungry, this isn't a terrible decision.  Although Smoke BBQ Taqueria - my favorite - is on the other side of the block, and I'd rather eat there...

Homestead Hot Dog Hut
The Winnebago parked near 7th & Amity Street
Homestead, PA 15120

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  1. $2.50 for a dog? Cooked in an RV? Yeah, you gotta be hungry. I can buy a whole package of Hebrew National brand doggies for $5, and the buns for another $1. That's like $6 for 8 complete weiner meals. Oh yeah, and I usually collect condiment packages from the fast food places - so my toppings are free.