Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kennywood's Nationality Days: Greek Day

Gyros.  Tacos of the Greeks.

Honestly, I think that the first time I tried a gyro was at Kennywood -- not back in the pavilions on Greek Day, though.  Tony of "Tony's Gyros" used to come in to our Team Member Clubhouse and make gyros for the workers once a month, and they smelled so good that I couldn't resist getting one.  I never had any inclination to try a gyro before, but the smell that permeated the small cafeteria was irresistible.

And then I was hooked.

Of course, I've explored other avenues of Greek food.  Stuffed grape leaves, baklava, spanakopita...I've tried them all.  I've eaten at restaurants like It's Greek to Me, Mediterrano, and Sababa (R.I.P.) to try other forms of Greek (and otherwise Mediterranean) foods.  I became a huge fan of hummus, feta, pita...and I'm even starting to get over my profuse hatred of olives.

So yeah, I was looking forward to Greek Day at Kennywood.

Greek Day!  Pavilion 4!

We arrived at the kitchen not long after it had opened - "we" being Gina (from IT), Michele (my boss), and Tyler (Gina's part-time assistant).  It seems as if my gaggle of ethnic kitchen supporters grows with each ethnic day -- which, of course, couldn't make me happier! 

Greek Day Menu Options
I had eaten at the Greek kitchen the year before, and I knew that they had a dinner that included many of my Greek favorites (Souvlakia Dinner) -- however, since we were a bit early, the rice was not ready yet.  My only option was gyro.  No problem there, but I couldn't resist a side of Dolmathes (stuffed grape leaves) and Baklava, as I had had them the previous year, and they were SO GOOD:

Baklava (dripping with gooey sweetness!)
 The Greeks definitely do it best.  Gina and Michele both had leftover Koulourakia, shortbread-like cookies.  I didn't buy any because I remember them being hard and bland last year, but something was different about them this year -- they were so much better!  Softer, with a much better taste to them:

And the gyro...ohhhh, the gyro.  So delicious.  So full of flavor.  I love you gyro.

Mmmmm, gyro!
Gyro innards
 Annnnnd...to add more joy to all of this food excitement, the organizers had information about ANOTHER opportunity to enjoy this delicious Greek food.  This event is around the same time as McKeesport's International Village and the opening of PGH Taco Truck.  

I hear this is one of the best Greek Food Festivals around.
That's going to be some week for eating!

To cap off my day -- totally unrelated to Greek Day -- this wandered into the office.  Go Steelers!

Steely McBeam 
Not many ethnic days left, and I have to miss Polish Day because I'm on vacation :-( Get to Kennywood before the season ends, and enjoy ethnic foods (or Kennywood-ethnic foods, like Potato Patch fries!) while you still can!

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