Friday, July 20, 2012

Kennywood's Nationality Days: Serbian Day

Persistance pays off.

Serbian Day at Pavilion 4!
Last year, when I went down to Pavilion 4 for Serbian Day around 5:00 pm, they were already sold out of lamb.  ALREADY.  I knew it was popular, and even the woman down at the pavilion said that they always sold out early, but I didn't realize it would be gone THAT early.

I was determined to be more successful this year.

"Prijatno" is the Serbian equivalent of "Bon appetit" or "Buen provecho".
Although the lamb was late arriving to the park, I persevered this year.  On my second trip back there (the first was unsuccessful), in the pouring rain, the lamb was ready to be served. Serbian Day food is different than the usual Nationality Day setup: nothing but lamb and pork, served with green onions and bread, family-style.  Order by the pound (no 1/2 pound servings - I asked), and you're good to go.  If is seems expensive - it's really not, considering how much 1 pound of lamb, plus 5 green onions and a half a loaf of bread could fill you up.

This is not gyro-style lamb.  The bones and fat are a large part of the lamb, and it is salted heavily.  The lamb is cooked off-site, but cut and weighed on-site:

Cutting the lamb with a...jigsaw?
Good and greasy, yes.  Enough for 1 person?  Uhhh, well, maybe in 3 different sittings.  I took about 2/3 home.

Yeahhh....that's a lot of food!
Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, the park closed at 3:30pm, so the Serbian program was canceled.  Next year, bigger and better, right?  Also, Croatian Day is very similar to Serbian Day, so if you missed out on this type of lamb, you have another chance on September 1st.

Looking for gyro-style lamb?  GREEK DAY IS TUESDAY, JULY 24TH!  GYROS!  GREEK PLATTER!  YAYYYY!!!

Kennywood Park
4800 Kennywood Blvd.
West Mifflin, PA 15122


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  1. Park closed at 3:30 PM? No ethnic music and dancing? I guess I am glad I didn't make the trip. Maybe 2013!