Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Domino's "Big Game" Deliveries

Yinz guys like pizza.

Especially Domino's pizza.  A recent press release revealed that Domino's stores in Pittsburgh delivered 48,000 slices of pizza to homes during this year's "Big Game" on February 3rd.  48,000 slices of pizza.  AND, this was more than were delivered in both San Francisco AND Baltimore, from where both "Big Game" teams hailed.

Is this why I have to fight you about eating tacos?

I love pizza.  I do.  Domino's became a regular delivery option for us back in State College, when we were worn out on Papa John's after so long.  Back then, Domino's gave something free with an order of 2 pizzas - breadsticks, Cinnastix, etc. - and we took advantage for sure.  I never minded Domino's at all, especially being a poor college student.  Their crust didn't serve as a grease sponge, as some other competitors' crusts do, and the cheese...yes, the cheese had to be what made it.  Magical, magical cheese.

Cheese.  Queso.  The best part of any pizza.  Mmmm.

What if tacos could be delivered with such ease? Probably not feasible, but are so easy to make.  Your leftovers - unmatched in quality.  And Domino's just started doing two fantastic things: 1.) Debuting its Handmade Pan Pizza with fresh, never-frozen dough (good stuff!), and 2.) using a digital-ordering system, where getting a pizza delivered is as easy as using an app or website.  Having great pizza delivered is just too easy, so...why not?

Maybe someday, such a system will be invented for delivering fabulous tacos straight to your door. via a website or app...48,000 of them, ordered through an app within a 5-hour span.  Then again, soggy tortillas are not my thing - so maybe the traditional way of "make-and-eat immediately" is best!

But, for all of you Spanish-speakers, or those who want to practice your Spanish in a real-life setting - the website is also in Spanish!  I think that may be why online ordering was so popular - English, Spanish, doesn't matter - you can get what you want, no matter which you speak!

Domino's Website - IN SPANISH! 
Good way to expand your market, wouldn't you say?

Just don't get mad if you're "practicing" and get the wrong thing.  Not their fault.  Study the language better, and live and learn.

Pittsburgh - you need to eat tacos.  Lots of them.  But, on occasions where cooking and immediate-eating aren't possible...Domino's Pizza is the next best thing (but considering how much you bought during the "Big Game", I probably don't need to tell you that...)

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