Monday, February 25, 2013

Thin Man Sandwich Shop

The taco truck has introduced James and I to some awesome people.

On the truck's opening night, when I was helping and we were just going with the flow of what was happening, two people introduced themselves to James - they were Dan and Sherri, the owners of what would soon be Thin Man Sandwich Shop, the restaurant that was taking over the former 21st Street Coffee space (since they moved down a block).  We had heard about the shop and excited that there was going to be something "different" coming to The Strip.  Dan and Sherri were super-duper nice, and we vowed to visit the shop soon after it had opened.

Dan and Sherri, working on our orders!
And that we did.  On a cold-but-not-too-cold Saturday afternoon, James and I had made some of our usual stops in The Strip - Marty's Market and the Pittsburgh Public Market, among others - and decided to make Thin Man Sandwich Shop our lunch stop.

Menu, Part 1
Menu, Part 2
The chalkboard menu was bright, colorful...and made me so indecisive.  However, one thing I knew I was getting was the Pumpkin Soup, which is made with the Strip District's own Wigle Whiskey:

Pumpkin Soup
This soup was great - and not made sweet, like most pumpkin soups, which might as well be called "Pumpkin Pie Soup" since it is often doused with nutmeg and cinnamon.  This soup was simply winter comfort food.  I'm not sure what the whiskey adds to the soup - but whatever it is, I like it.  A lot.

I finally decided that the Lamb Kofta Pita sounded the most appealing to me - lamb meatballs (sourced locally by Jameson Farms), cilantro, jalapeno, and a creamy tomato-yogurt sauce:

Lamb Kofta Pita

I love flavor, and this was a packed with it.  Spicy and savory, this was definitely a great choice!

James picked the Braised Local Beef Shank, with shaved celery & fennel, whole grain mustard, and horseradish mayo, served on a baguette:

Braised Local Beef Shank
I thought it was ok, but not as good as my pita!  James liked it a lot, though.

This sandwich shop focuses on local and delicious ingredients, so I definitely want to go back to try more of the menu.  This is no Subway, folks, and the orders take a little time (ours took about 5 minutes - frankly, I've spent more time ordering at Subway), and they are worth it!

The downside - now another place to add to my list of "places totally worth eating at in The Strip" any time I go down there, it's a struggle.  I need 5 stomachs....

Thin Man Sandwich Shop
50 21st Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222


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