Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Everyday Noodles

When did noodles become such a "thing" in Pittsburgh?

I'll never forget the day James brought over a DVD of "Tampopo".  Not knowing what it was about, and knowing that James was all about watching it, I sat on my couch and took it all in.  Basically, the movie is about how a woman is coached into making her noodle-based restaurant a bigger success (with a romantic side-story, of course). It wasn't a terrible movie at all, and it was kind of uplifting.

Almost makes you want to start a noodle business.

Noodles, all of a sudden, are becoming huge in Pittsburgh, thanks to ramen at Salt of the Earth, then Station Street Hot Dogs, then at Fukuda.  For whatever reason, the craze is hitting Squirrel Hill - Ramen Bar just opened on Forbes Avenue, as well as Everyday Noodles...which seems to be making an even bigger impact on noodle-lovers in Pittsburgh.

James went to Everyday Noodles for lunch last Saturday, and while dining there, he sent me a text, "We're coming here tomorrow." It's unusual for James to want to eat at the same place two days in a row, so I knew this place had to be exceptionally good.

Everyday Noodles
We went to the gym the next day, and arrived at the restaurant right in the midst of lunchtime.  There was a wait, so we added our name to the list, and watched as the noodle-makers worked their magic:

Making Dumplings
We were seated after about 15 minutes, and I already knew what I was ordering to drink - TARO BUBBLE TEA! I also added mango and coconut lychee jelly:

Taro Bubble Tea with Mango Custard and Coconut Lychee Jelly
Mmmm, taro.  You are my obsession.

I had no idea what to order, and James suggested the Jellyfish Salad.  Of course, I'll try anything that sounds out-of-the-ordinary, so I went for it:

Jellyfish Salad
James told me that it was "crunchy", but I wouldn't use that word.  Not chewy, but more..."al dente"?  I liked it a lot, but if you have issues with texture, you may not be able to get past it.  Personally, I would order it again!

I had to get some sort of noodles, so I chose the Dan Dan Noodles, Szechuan Style:

Dan Dan Noodles, Szechuan-style
I chose well.  Peanut, soy sauce, scallions, noodles - I'm sure there was some other magic worked into that recipe to make it as awesome as it was.  I slurped them down with the aid of my chopsticks (at which I'm getting much better, I must say).

The soup dumplings have been all the rage at this restaurant, but almost all of them have pork in them (which I can't eat).  I chose the Vegetable Dumplings:

Vegetable Dumplings
Despite my pork-limitations, James insisted that I at least try his Crab-Pork Dumplings, or as he calls them, "little purses of heaven".  He was right.  They were heavenly.  I'm glad I tried one...

...ok, TWO.

The owner came around to each table to deliver food, ask how things were, etc.  James engaged him in some conversation - his name was Mike Chen, and his son, Allen Chen, is the owner of Tamari.  I LOVE TAMARI!

This family sure does know how to please Pittsburghers.

Get yourselves to Everyday Noodles.  Everyone else is.  And get a taro bubble tea while you wait for your table (I'm positive there will be a wait).

Bubble Teas are available while you wait.

Everyday Noodles
5875 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217 (Squirrel Hill)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EverydayNoodles

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