Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Farm to Table Pittsburgh Local Food Tasting 2013

I looooooove trying new things.

You all know I'll try any food once - if I like it, great; if I don't, never again.  That's how I've come to appreciate foods like ox tail, octopus, and even grasshoppers.  I'm sure there are things that I'll try that will gross me out,'s all a part of the learning process, right?

At this year's Farm to Table Pittsburgh Local Food Tasting, I had the opportunity to try many foods from a variety of vendors.  Many of the same vendors were there from last year; however, there were many additional vendors this year, which was fantastic to see!

I could go on about every single thing that I tried,  I won't. Instead, here are some of my favorites:

Restaurant Echo is proving to make me into a beet-eater, as that is one of the foods that I avoid most often.  They offered smoked trout with beets and creme fraiche on endive.  This dish was delish!  I need to try them on one of my adventures up north someday.

Restaurant Echo's offering
A gourmet ice cream caterer? YES! Kleido Kone Creamery does this - and it's BRILLIANT!  The ice cream was rich, creamy, and...well, if you had them cater your party, you had better invite me...

Kleido Kone Creamery's gourmet ice cream catering
I love Regina Koetters, and Marty's Market, but I couldn't try what they had know, pork. They did run out of samples very quickly, so they must have been great!:

Regina Koetters of Marty's Market dishes out the pork!
One of my best discoveries of the night - shrub, a fruit syrup made with vinegar that tastes AMAZING (don't be put off by the vinegar!).  I bought 3 bottles, because I loved each beverage that I tried with the shrub in it.  Not to mention that it's also made near my alma mater, Penn State. I can't wait to experiment.

Tait Farms Schrub (available in lemon, lime, ginger, cherry, and raspberry)
Wow, my hands must have been pretty full the whole night, because I didn't take many pictures...but, I can tell you that I also purchased my favorite hummus in the whole world from The Greek Gourmet (although I missed Michael himself), in addition to bread from Mediterra.  I sampled great Buffalo Dip from Schneider's Dairy, as well as wonderful pesto from E2. I can't complain about anything that I tried, and I was very happy to make some new discoveries (some of which I can't comment on, since students read this).  Overall, the Farm to Table event was successful and left me feeling inspired.  Also, big thanks to my friend Cara for being my "date" that night (since the taco truck was pumping out tacos!!) 

My breakfast the next morning, which included Mediterra bread and The Greek Gourmet Smoked White Bean Hummus
I can't wait until the fall for another food tasting!

Farm to Table Pittsburgh


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