Friday, March 29, 2013

Home Cooked by Donna

You know how you go out looking for something, find it, then realize you had something just as good RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE?

Yeah, that just happened.

Having time off for spring break means a few things for me: 1.) Time to clean my house - like REALLY clean - not just get it "clean enough" to not be gross, 2.) Time to like, sit, relax, and do enjoyable things, and most importantly, 3.) Time to try restaurants that close early.

My plan, actually, was to try out the Braddock Community Cafe; however, on Holy Thursday, they were closed due to some work being done on the building (which includes the Community Center, housed in the old First Presbyterian Church of Braddock).  So, I turned around, and headed to Homestead to try another restaurant that I had been meaning to get to: Home Cooked by Donna.

I pass this place SO MANY TIMES in a week - any time I have to travel across the Homestead Grays Bridge, eat at Smoke BBQ Taqueria, or eat at the Tin Front Cafe, I pass it.  I always say to myself, "I need to try that place sometime."

Well, here we are.

Home Cooked by Donna To-Go Menu
I parked at a metered space right in front of the restaurant (cheapest metered parking anywhere around - 1 quarter - 30 minutes!).  I entered - and realized I was going to be their only customer at the time.  The host was seated at a booth toward the back, asked if it was "for here or to go", then told me to sit anywhere when I said I'd eat in.
View of the entrance and counter from my booth
Well, ok, then.

I ordered a water, and he presented me with the menu.  It was almost 11:00 AM, so I was faced with the breakfast-or-lunch conundrum.  Donna herself came out and said hi, and I asked if she had any suggestions - and, of course, it was all good, so that didn't help.

Gorgeous (fake) flowers, but I feel bad for the bear
Finally, I decided upon the French toast, 2 eggs my way (over easy, of course), bacon, and home fries.

As I waited for my food, another customer came in, then another.  The first seemed as if he was there for his first time, while the other seemed to be a repeat customer.  As Donna cooked the food in the back, the aromas permeated the restaurant, only making me more eager to see how this food turned out.

And turn out it did.  Wow.

Italian Bread French Toast
After being cut and drenched in syrupy goodness
This French toast is AWESOME! 2 THICK slices of Italian bread, with what seems like some cinnamon added it, and way more syrup than I would ever need (presented on the side, so I didn't have to use all of it).  This French toast was the smell that made me salivate, and rightfully so.

Eggs over easy, bacon, homefries
The eggs, bacon, and homefries were all well-prepared, yummy - and much like home-made.   The bacon was crispy, the homefries had flavor, and the eggs were nice and dippy.  I could feel myself getting full about halfway through my meal, but there was no way I was letting ANY of that food go to waste!  The serving size was fairly large, though, but a great value at $9.10 with tax.

When Donna came to ask how my food was, I made sure to tell her that I didn't want to NOT finish it.  She then went to the table of the gentleman that came in after me to see how his was, and he replied  "EXCELLENT!" very enthusiastically.

So, about 5 minutes from my house, is a fantastic, local restaurant with many yummy breakfast options - AND they do take-out? I guess I'm going to have to go back for lunch and dinner sometime.

It's just too convenient.  And it's been right under my nose this whole time.

Home Cooked by Donna
406 E. 8th Avenue
Homestead, PA 15120


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