Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ritter's Diner

Obviously, I've been on a diner kick lately.

I can't help it.  I never used to get up early on weekends.  EVER.  Now that my weekday wake-up time has been 4:30 AM (yes, I know - it sucks), and James is often up early on weekends to get the taco truck ready - well, I'm up early.  And, as you know from my previous post, I need breakfast.  So, "diner" is an obvious choice.

On one of these crazy weekend mornings, James had asked me if I had ever been Ritter's (which isn't far at all from his place).  I told him no, and the deal was sealed - that was where we were going to have breakfast.

Ritter's Diner Sign.  The building itself has "PITT" on the side.
Talk about an old-fashioned diner - the place opened in 1951, and doesn't look like it changed much since.  Not that everything looks old and worn-out (because it certainly doesn't), but each booth was equipped with a jukebox to spin your favorite tunes while you eat:

Jukebox at our booth. Opened to "Toby Keith", but I would never listen to him.
Since Ritter's is a 24-hour establishment, the menu was big, but I only paid attention to the breakfast options. Without question, the one thing that stuck out as my menu choice was the Peanut Butter Pancakes:

Peanut Butter Pancakes *drool*

Feeling guilty about the enormous amount of carbs, I also ordered a side of eggs and bacon (protein, you know):

Eggs (over easy) and Bacon. Not pictured: Toast
I really feel horrible for people with nut allergies - these pancakes were AWESOME! So much peanut butter flavor in pancake-form.  The bacon was crisp, and the eggs were made to runny perfection (just the way I like them).  My toast dipped nicely into the yolk, and the dishwashers were probably singing my praises, because that was one clean plate!

James ordered the Greek Hobo Omelette with homefries, which is apparently a popular item:

Greek Hobo Omelette
I tasted it, and it was a decent omelette - James actually had to ask for more tzatziki sauce, because he couldn't stop eating it...but to me, nothing could beat my Peanut Butter Pancakes.

I'm sure I'll end up at Ritters another time, at some point - the charm of the place is enough to keep me coming back...

Ritter's Diner
5221 Baum Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15224 (Bloomfield)


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