Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kelly O's Diner

I find it funny that breakfast has become a priority in my life.

Growing up, I rarely ate breakfast.  There was no time.  Breakfast meant getting up earlier - something I was NEVER willing to do, especially given that if I didn't HAVE to get up, I'd be in bed half of the day.  My students come to school and complain that they're hungry, and I ask, "Didn't you eat breakfast?"

No.  Of course not.  They feel the same way I did when I was their age - no way am I getting up any earlier than I have to.

When I started dieting, skipping breakfast wasn't an option.  I had to have SOMETHING for breakfast.  And you know what?  I came to love breakfast time, and moreover, I FELT so much better eating breakfast - I had more energy, I was more awake, and I didn't feel like taking a nap by noon.

So on Saturday morning, when I found myself in the Strip District super early (because James had to get moving on the taco truck), I needed to find someplace to have my breakfast.  I left it up to Twitter to seal my fate, and the perfect suggestion came from one of my followers - Kelly O's.

Kelly O's Diner
The diner was once featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, a popular Food Network program, and it's easy to see why - quaint, traditional, and even more importantly, FRIENDLY.  Because I was solo, I sat at the counter, and was immediately offered a menu and a chance to order a beverage.

Coffee.  No doubt.

I searched the menu for the perfect item to get me through my shopping - I didn't want to be weighed down by pancakes or French toast, so I went the omelette route - but which to choose?  I was then inspired by another diner aficionado from Pittsburgh - Rick Sebak - and a conversation we had recently (of which I will not divulge the details) - I chose the Crab and Asparagus Omelette.

Crab and Asparagus Omelette (lots of hollandaise)
A closer look inside the Crab and Asparagus Omelette
Don't ask.  I won't tell.

The omelette was served with a side of homefries (which I chose over the shredded potatoes) and thick, toasted Mancini's Italian bread.  The potatoes were slightly garlicky, and I did not opt to add peppers and onions to them.  It was a lot of food, indeed - so much that I couldn't even finish all of my toast nor potatoes (this is rare, by the way).  This was, by far, typical diner food.  I certainly see why this diner was featured on a national TV program - it is an American classic, with tradition in mind.  Funny, quirky signs, bright colors, and most importantly - a very, VERY friendly staff (definitely friendlier than the Hot Metal Diner staff - they come off a bit "rough around the edges"), catering to your food needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Great sign in my line of sight
By the time I left, the place was packed, and there was a wait for a table.  Most (good) diners have a line, and this was no exception.  Get there before 9 AM if you want to guarantee a seat on a weekend, for sure.  

But - even if you do have to wait for a table, the food is worth that wait.

And take this advice - get up "early" (for a weekend, at least), have a fantastic breakfast, and you'll have the whole rest of your day to enjoy (and the Strip District is an ideal place to enjoy the day!)

Kelly O's Diner
100 24th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (Strip District)

Website: http://www.kellyos.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kelly-Os-Diner/131821080195295

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