Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stoke's Grill

I'm getting a bit nervous.

I really haven't run as much as I should to prepare for the 1/2 marathon on May 5th.  I mostly blame the weather, because I HATE to run in cold weather.  As a matter of fact, as I write this post, I am waiting for the temperature to hit 50 degrees before I go out and do my 6 miles today.

I'm a wimp.

However, I couldn't avoid running in cold weather for the Ole 5K on April 13th.  I signed up for this race MONTHS ago, figuring it was for a great cause, and the weather would be spot-on at this point.  No.  Not at all.  It was SO COLD and windy!

In addition, it was quite hilly.  I finished WAY over my typical 5K time, and was really just happy that I had finished, period.  Luckily, I didn't get any more blisters (another reason I haven't run as much as I should).

After the race, there was a Mexican buffet - but, Food Collage, her husband (R., who had also ran the 5K), and I decided not to partake for 2 reasons: 1.) It was from a catering company that obviously had no real ties to what "Mexican food" really is, and 2.) The line extended for several hundred feet, and we were cold and hungry.

I'm not too familiar with the North Hills, but Food Collage is, and she decided that Stoke's Grill would be a great place for lunch.  R. and I just wanted some warm soup as part of the meal, so it sounded like a do-able option.

Stoke's Grill
The menus are on a sign post as you walk in.  Soups are listed on the chalkboard menu, and specials are listed on a paper attached to the sign post.  If you're not familiar with the menu already, you stand in the (large) entryway, making your decision.  Then, you go to the counter, place your order, and you are given a number to put on your table for the server to bring you your food when it is ready.

Order at the counter, take a seat, place your number on the table
I knew I wanted soup, of course, so I chose the best-sounding one - crab bisque:

Crab Bisque
It was good - a little salty, but good.  I've had many crab bisques in Maryland, and nothing can compare to the crab soups there, but this was definitely noteworthy.

Pretzel sandwiches caught my eye immediately.  I love soft pretzels, and anything in between two soft pretzels is an absolute bonus.  "The Hitch" was really my only pork-free option: turkey, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard.  I ordered it as a combo with a drink and French fries:

"The Hitch" Combo

Meat view, "The Hitch"
Oh. Yum. Fantastic. The honey mustard was the most dominant flavor of the sandwich, and I loved it.  The only complaint I would have is the structure of the sandwich itself - the pretzels are fairly thin and spread out, so as soon as you take a bite, it feels like it's falling apart...

...but even if it does, it still tastes the same, right?

The fries were good, but nothing to write home about.  I've had better, I've had worse.

I may have ordered too much food, because I was SUPER full - I even offered my fries to Food Collage and R., and he did take some (thank goodness).

A great lunch with great people - and I could definitely tell that I had run when I tried to stand up from the table.  Ow.  Now to try to run 6 miles today...

Stoke's Grill
4771 McKnight Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15237



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