Monday, April 29, 2013

PGH Crepes

Ohhhh, crepes.  You are the taco of the French.

Well, sort of.

Crepes do serve the purpose of holding together a variety of ingredients like a taco does, but crepes can be either savory or sweet.  I haven't had many crepes in my life, as I've never really had "real" French cuisine, but I have had some.  When the French students had crepes for class (which doesn't happen anymore, as French was CUT from our course of studies 4 years ago due to budgetary reasons), we Spanish (and German) teachers were always invited to partake.  

I miss those days.  A lot.

I think the only other place I have had crepes was at a local diner in Ocean City, MD - not to mention the ones that I made myself at home.  The batter was easy to make, and a crepe pan is a definite necessity to get the correct thin consistency of the crepe (they also make great taco-warmers, by the way).

Now Pittsburgh has an easy way to obtain these foldable, portable gems - at the PGH Crepe Cart.  I saw it one day in the Strip District, and became curious, but did not check it out.  Wow, did I regret that, because about a week later, EVERYONE was talking about it!  

Ilmir Akhm is the owner of the PGH Crepes Cart and Crepes Catering Services, and he is definitely doing something right - portable cart, simple ingredients, and a product that doesn't take long to make.  He has his city permit, and he is vending in the heart of the Strip District on weekends, while taking advantage of the hustle-and-bustle of the city during the work week.  On one occasion, he even popped up in the North Hills at The Coffee Buddha to join PGH Taco Truck and The Steer and Wheel for a Friday midday service.

On Saturday, after my last long, 10-mile training run to prepare for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, I was tired and sore - but I had to venture into The Strip to drop off another Pittsburgh Popcorn Company fundraising order.  One block away, the cart sat - and I had to try it out.

Given that I had just run 10 miles, I felt guilty about wanting to indulge in a crepe smeared with Nutella (as you may know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nutella!), but I went...uh..."healthy", and instead ordered the Spinach, Tomato, and Cheese crepe.

Ilmir works on my crepe
Ilmir was very nice, asking how my day was.  I introduced myself to him, and he was extremely friendly and personable.  I thanked him for my crepe and walked down 20th street to enjoy my lunch.

The folded crepe

Spinach, tomato, and cheese peeking through. 
Oh, crepe.  You are so light, yet strong in your holding of ingredients.  If I liked the...uh..."healthy" crepe, I can only imagine what one with Nutella would be like...

...I'll find out soon, no doubt!  See you again soon, Ilmir (and have a JAR of Nutella waiting for me!)!

PGH Crepes 
Mobile Food Cart (weekends at 20th & Penn Ave. in the Strip District, most weekdays downtown)


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