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...Dormont Dogs [off-topic]

Calm down.

Yes, I know about Dormont Dogs.  I know what happened.  I don't need you to start protesting this post like I don't know the story.

However, any good business needs to get past the turmoil.  Owning a restaurant of any kind is not easy - not easy at all.  There are good times, there are bad times.  It's small business.  Unless you have owned a restaurant or another type of small business and had bad times, you can't understand.  You can't judge.  Personally, I've never owned a restaurant, and even I understand that I can't pass judgement on a situation that I don't fully understand.

So I won't.

What's important to me is that the business delivers a quality product - and Dormont Dogs does just that.

Dormont Dogs (back in October)
I had first gone to Dormont Dogs back in October as part of the Dormont Food Blogger Tour through 'Burgh Bits and Bites Food Tours.  I absolutely loved the Texas Avenue Dog - and hot dogs are not my favorite food by any means. 

Texas Ave. Dog
 James wanted to go back to support the business, as he was once a restaurant owner himself and knows how stressful it can be when times are tough.  His friend Andy was visiting from Ohio, and of all of the places we could have gone, we figured this was a great option.

Unlike Station Street Hot Dogs, which only has 8 types of hot dogs, the menu has many options, and caters to a larger crowd.  For example, if you're not very adventurous, you could probably choose from a few hot dogs, whereas a non-adventurous person would probably order the Traditional Dog at Station Street - and not consider anything else.  In addition, if you look at the prices, there is not one hot dog over $3.50 - at Station Street, prices START at $4.00, and go as high as $9.00!

Menu at Dormont Dogs
Bruschetta Dog
 I had heard good things about the Bruschetta Dog at Dormont Dogs, and I love bruschetta, so that was my choice - tomato, shaved Parmesan, basil, olive oil:

James likes a good Chicago-style hot dog, so he chose the Illinois Ave. Dog - brown mustard, pickle, sweet peppers, tomato, celery salt, and toasted poppy seeds:

Illinois Avenue Dog
Andy had a side of coleslaw and the Wisconsin Ave. Dog - you guessed it: cheddar, swiss, pepper jack, and provolone cheeses, topped with scallions:
Wisconsin Ave. Dog
Cole Slaw
I only tasted my own Bruschetta Dog and had a bite of James's Illinois Ave. Dog - I was so right in my choice.  I inhaled my hot dog pretty quickly!  It was delicious, and the blend of flavors in the bruschetta itself were fabulous - I could barely tell that I was eating a hot dog with it.  James's hot dog was good, but mine was better!  If you are a typical, working-class person who likes creative toppings for hot dogs - Dormont Dogs > Station Street Hot Dogs.

If you read my Dormont Food Blogger Tour post, you saw how Potomac Ave. and surrounding streets are areas that thrive on their small businesses - some have been there forever, like Potomac Bakery (which is also where Dormont Dogs gets their buns), and some have replaced other businesses that have gone by the wayside, like Sugar Cafe (which recently celebrated their 1-year anniversary).  Small business is tough business, and communities need to support their small businesses - their owners are probably the hardest-working people around, yet they have to rely on the opinions of others for their success. 

Potomac Avenue in Dormont is gorgeous in the fall!
 Luckily, Dormont is a close-knit community whose residents understand the importance of community unity.  As a result - Dormont Dogs will survive the turmoil.  They will get through this.  

If only that kind of support and unity existed everywhere...

Dormont Dogs
2911 Glenmore Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15216 (Dormont)

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  1. Love the place, & love the review! I can't get enough of the cole slaw lately. So simple, yet delicious!