Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kennywood's Nationality Days: Hungarian Day

Wait.  It's August?!  When did this happen?!

Crap.  You know that means school is about to start.  Like, soon.  Like, in 4 weeks, actually.

I'm not ready for school to start.  I'm not.  Summer goes by WAY TOO quickly.  Every year, I say, "After the 4th of July, summer is over."  This summer is no exception.  

Hungarian Day in Pavilion 4
So - that also means that there are not many Nationality Days left at Kennywood.  I'm pretty sad about that, but it was been one delicious summer, for sure.  Today was Hungarian Day, a day when I had no clue what was in their ethnic kitchen.  I figured it had to be similar to Slovak, Carpatho-Russian, and Polish Day, but I couldn't be sure. 

Hungarian Day Menu
Well, I was right.  Gina joined me again, as well as Jess and Kelsey from Guest Relations (Michele was off, and Tyler is on vacation - I'm sure they would have joined me if they were there as well!).  The usual "hunky" offerings of stuffed cabbage, haluski, and kielbasa (kolbasz) and sauerkraut  were present.   I was sure to get one of each, with the exception of the kielbasa and kraut:

Toltott Kaposzta (Stuffed Cabbage)

Kaposzta Teszta (Cabbage & Noodles, aka Haluski)

In addition, a potato dumpling dish with breadcrumbs was on the menu.  I had to try it - some people in the office commented that it was similar to a potato haluski that they had tried before, but I'm not sure if it's the exact dish that they know:

Krumpli Galuska (Potato Dumplings and Buttered Bread Crumbs)

The haluski was some of the best I have ever had - the cabbage was sweeter than that of Slovak Day, and it was lighter on butter.  So awesome.  The potato dumplings also had a sweeter flavor, and they were good, just a bit bland for my taste.  The stuffed cabbage was great as well; the Hungarians are winning my heart, for sure (but I'm not hating on my Slovak heritage by any means!  It's just a different kind of love).

For dessert, they were serving crepes in 4 flavors: raspberry, apple, cherry, and apricot.  My go-to flavor is raspberry:

Palaszinta (Crepe, with raspberry filling)
Uh, YUM!  For $1?!  I could've eaten SO MANY - if I hadn't eaten so much already.  In fact, I'm glad I didn't overindulge in the nut roll and other cookies that they were offering (I wanted to, though...I really, REALLY wanted to...):

Mmm, apricot- and cherry-filled cookies...

Nut Roll!
This should be one of those Nationality Days that lasts more than one day.  Like Italian Day.

To educate the public about their culture, several Hungarian artifacts were on display.  I was already taking more time on my break that I should have (long story), so I didn't have time to explore like I wanted to, but I snagged a few shots before leaving (bad lighting prevented me from getting a few more, as well):

Very unfortunately, I will miss Polish Day due to my vacation.  I did participate last year, with offering of kielbasa and kraut, haluski, pierogi, etc., and it was fabulous.  Very filling, very saucy - and very worth it.  Please go on August 7th!  Tell me what you thought!  I want to live vicariously through your thoughts (and bellies)!

I'll be back for lamb again on September 1st, though - Croatian Day!

Kennywood Park
4800 Kennywood Blvd.
West Mifflin, PA 15122


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