Sunday, March 10, 2013

Polish Pierogi Truck

Don't you love it when things turn out BETTER than you imagined?

When James planned the first Food Truck Round-Up at Coffee Buddha, he knew it was going to be big.  Just from the Facebook invites alone, we could tell lots of people were going to show up.

We never expected people to wait patiently for tacos for 2 HOURS.  But they did.  Pittsburgh, you are awesome.

So many people waiting in line. You can't see the pierogi truck (it's off to the right, behind Oh My Grill)

Having eaten tacos from PGH Taco Truck on many, MANY occasions (and sometimes not even from the truck itself), I saw this as an opportunity to FINALLY try food from one food truck that had escaped me until now - the Polish Pierogi Truck.

I grew up with pierogis, stuffed cabbage (aka "halupki"), and haluski, as my family is, for the most part, Slovak and Polish. Polish Day and Slovak Day are two of my favorite nationality days at Kennywood, simply because of the food offerings those days.  A food truck that serves all three of these dietary staples?

I had to try their food.  It's in my blood.

Large selection of frozen pierogies to enjoy any time!
My first trip to the truck wasn't for me - a man in a wheelchair wanted to get some pierogies, but he would have never made it through the thick crowd.  I checked out the menu and prices for him, came back to ask for his order, and stood in line for him.  No way was I letting him leave without what he came for.

If it were you, you'd do the same, right?  Right.

I dressed up for the occasion. There were many, MANY more pictures of me taken by others this day!
Once the crowd started to disperse, I left my post as the line controller, as it no longer needed controlled, and waited in line for my own food.  Being a taco/line controller sure works up an appetite, and I had a hankering for haluski and halupki.

Hot Food Offerings from the truck
The truck had run out of haluski (*sigh*), so I went for their other offerings - potato and cheese pierogies and halupki (stuffed cabbage):

Pierogies and Halupki
I've had both of these from churches.  I've had both of these made by family members.  I'll tell you, the truck's pierogies and halupki are just as good as either.  A truck that travels to different places in Pittsburgh and serves the native food of many Pittsburghers?  It's actually not too good to be true.

I'm sure I'll see the Polish Pierogi Truck at many other events (including the North Hills Food Truck Roundup 2.0 at Coffee Buddha on March 30th)....and I'll get in line early for haluski next time.  For sure.

Polish Pierogi Truck
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